We need to take five... | ThatMP3.com

So, good news or bad first?

To our awesome users...
Just get it over with right? Here it is.

The bad: Just last week we were contacted by YouTube and... we're being bought out! But not really. To make a long story short, we were basically told that our converter is not in full compliance with YouTube guidelines. This unfortunately means we will have to make adjustments to ThatMP3 which will result in some downtime.

The really good: We will return better, faster, and stronger! We have many exciting changes planed for ThatMP3 and hope to implement them as fast as our fingers can type. Our loyal fans, premium users, and long time supporters will be rewarded with awesome benefits as we launch our exciting new service.

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We are truly sorry about the inconvenience this will cause. As soon as things are ready to rock, we'll let you know!

The ThatMP3 Team

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