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Need Help Converting?

What does this converter do?

I'm glad you asked. Not only can it let you convert ANY YouTube video (yes, even VeVo) to a high-quality MP3, it also automatically adds album art and ID3 tags to every conversion! Oh yeah, it even allows you to crop unwanted intros/outros before each download!

So... why's this converter better? A picture is worth 1000 words! Mouse over the 2 links below to see the difference in quality and tags when we converted the exact same video.
Converted with | Converted with a popular alternative

Don't like words? I hear you. Our downloader will:

  • Convert YouTube videos to HQ MP3s
  • Add album art & tags to each conversion
  • Allow manually editing of tags & cover art
  • Let you trim MP3s before downloading
We're sounding like quite the catch eh ;)

What's it gonna cost me? How about FREE? Zero, zilch, nada, zip, not a penny! The only way we can do this is through advertisments, but don't worry, we try to keep them as un-annoying as possible. We encourage all users to report any poor quality ads to us, we will actually listen! The only thing we ask of you is to please disable any AdBlocking extensions if you're using one, we really do appreciate it :)

Is this converter safe to use? Absoulutley! You are downloading only the MP3 file and nothing more. We don't ask you to install add-ons, programs, or anything extra. If one of our advertisments appears suscipicious, please report it to us! We keep things simple, fast, and safe.

So, how do I use the worlds BEST YouTube to MP3 converter? We will have you downloading in no time! Just follow the detailed steps below.

  • 1st - Paste a YouTube video link (e.g: OR type a song title/artist in the search bar at the top of the page
  • 2nd - Confirm your album art, ID3 tags (keep your library beautifuly organized), and crop if desired. Looks good? Click CONVERT NOW! If that tags aren't correct (we're sorry), just fix the title+artist manually and click WRONG TAGS. If they're still wrong (we're REALLY sorry), they will need to be manually fixed
  • 3rd - Wait about 10 seconds while we work our magic, then click DOWNLOAD YOUR MP3! Easy huh?
  • I installed the YouTube to MP3 Chrome Extension, but no button appears? Ocassionaly we find users need to either restart their browser and/or clear cache and cookies before the button begins to display under each YouTube video. See this guide for steps on how to clear your cache/cookies. If you need help installing the add-on go and take a look at the step by step picture guide on the extension page.

    My MP3 doesn't sound that great, what's up?! Our system gathers the audio for your MP3 file by stripping it directly from the video you select. Unfortunatley if the videos sound quality is poor to begin with, the MP3 file will also sound poor. Avoid this issue by making sure you choose the best sounding YouTube video before converting.

    Wanna get in touch? We love to hear from you. Report bugs, icky advertisments, feature requests or just say hi! Click the   ? on the bottom right and get at us!